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Our mission with Wild Wine Saloon is to break down the barriers of learning about natural wine:  to make it approachable and to make it fun! We believe that learning about wine is often intimidating, but it should be everything but that! Through the services that we offer, we will bring you an in-depth perspective on a wide range of topics including the various farming practices in the vineyard, how grapes are handled in the winery, and ultimately how they end up creating a lovely finished product in your glass. With an open and welcoming approach to learning, the possibilities of what we can discover together are truly endless! If you have a unique event idea in mind, please reach out - we'd love to hear it! 


Hi, I'm 

With a passion for natural wine and over 7 years of entertainment industry experience in booking live music, festivals and boutique events, I founded the company Wild Wine Saloon in 2020 with a mission to break down the barriers of natural wine by bringing education in a fun, approachable format through consultations, group tastings, and unique events.

My journey to wine stemmed as a pure passion with zero factual knowledge and lots of cheap wine. It evolved over time as I became passionate about researching nutrition in my own time. After years of self-education, I slowly transformed my diet to be plant-based. After doing so, I naturally divulged my focus into researching the ingredients of what I was drinking, which ultimately led me to become a true natural wine fanatic and begin a proper wine education through the WSET program. 


I have now achieved the Level 3 Certification through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) program from the Texas Wine School and act as the Austin Sales Representative for Pangea Selections, a Texas Natural Wine Importer and Distributor with a focus on wines from small organic or biodynamic vineyards. Wild Wine Saloon is my passion side-project that aims to bring education to you in an approachable way. So what do you say... let's pop some bottles already and have some fun?!


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